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Issue 126 - March 2016

Issue 127 - June 2016

Issue 128 - September 2016

Issue 129 - December 2016

Issue 126 March 2016
Cover Photo: The Psychologicals standing at Pablo's Treasure site in Croxleyhall Wood.


Sandra's Spring Review

Doh! Freezing in Glasgow - How Scott pulled the wool over our eyes

Poosey and Mapes  – Innominate Hunt

Pablo's Treasure Hunt  – The Psychologicals bring home the trophy

Cachequerade – a Masquerade tribute challenge

Crosswordsearch – a Where on Earth type puzzle by Pete

Paradigm Shift Chapter 6 – Steve tells of an exciting (and exhausting) race

Innominate Hunt Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça?

Art and Puzzles 1: No Theatres Nearby – Solution and winner

First QLass – the Shrewsbury Meet Taster solution and winner

Simon's News & Clues – including a relaunch of The Hills Are Alive

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three £5 prizes to be won

Cover Photo: The Golden Lion close to it's final resting place in the centre of Scotland


Sandra's Summer Review

The Quest for the Golden Lion - Solution

2016 Club Hunt - a teaser puzzle from the setters

First QLass to Shrewsbury – the winners and setter's report

DOH2! Collared in Toddy - Roger's Lucky win

Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner - Dave and Pete salvage the whisky

Pablo's Treasure Hunt  – Further success with the Pathfinder's Biography

Crosswordsearch – solution and winner

52 Masterpieces - Nick, Peter, Paul and Pete win prizes

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three £5 prizes to be won

Castles In The Air Whitstable - an invitation to join us for the annual club meeting

Cover Photo: Beryl, Joy and Roger win the Golden Oyster at the Whitstable Club Meet


Sandra's Autumn Review

Castles In The Air Whitstable - Beryl summarises a rewarding day

Stowmarket Treasure Quest - completed by Nick, Pete, Gisela and Phil

Paradigm Shift  

       - Steve reveals the Master puzzle solution

       - Winners and prizes

Are You For Real? - A wordsearch puzzle by Gisela

Super Doh

       Part1 - Steve tracks down Anneka's helicopter

       Part 2- The Reverse Geocaching Box

The Hills Are Alive - Shirley and Jackie find the remaining Northern prize

Poosey and Mapes - Dave solves their Treasure Book

Mandragora 2016 Club Hunt - teaser puzzle solution

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three £5 prizes to be won

Cover Photo: The Wishing Tree, Isle Maree


Sandra's Winter Review

Mandragora  - the 2016 Club Hunt

Are You For Real? - solution and winner

Ghostlanders - Pete and Queen Victoria's double

The Artist - Roger's successful solution

Early in the Morning -A new mini hunt from Gisela successful solution

Super Doh - The Reverse Geocaching Box goes interactive

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three £5 prizes to be won


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