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In the 2013 issues:

Issue 114 - March 2013

21st Anniversary  Issue

Issue 115 - June 2013

Issue 116 - September 2013

Issue 117 - December 2013

Issue 114 March 2013

Cover Photo: Congratulations to Gisela, seen here with author Ron Shore and her ‘Silver Eagle’ named Penny!


Richmond Rendezvous - 2013 Club Meeting details

Logica ATH 2012 - Great report written by Pete

World Wide Treasures (1) : Long John's Silver - The solution

World Wide Treasures (2) : Aquaterra - The second hunt in this series by Gisela Reid

The World’s Greatest Hunt comes to California - Gisela Reid's story of her trip to collect her Golden Eagle won in The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunting in California - Roger Lintott's story of the Golden Eagle trip

Family Secrets: The Kent Red Herring - as found by Roger Lintott

The Enchanted Garden - Surprise.... another clue from Charles!

Upholdings - an extra clue from Mike Smith

Andy's Puzzle Pages - Three five pound puzzles for you to win.

Bulletin Board - Simon gives us the latest news and clues.

The Hills are Alive - more clues from Roger and Frank

Cover Photo: Joyful faces, Dave Pete & Helen at the trig point with their prizes from The Hills are Alive


Sandra's Summer Review

Andy's Puzzle Pages - Two 5 and one 10 puzzles for you to win.

Caching in on our New Member Medallions - Pete describes their new use

Atrium - Preview of the new club hunt by Scott Gardner

News, Clues - Roger gives us the latest news and clues for outstanding hunts including The Hills are Alive and Three Letter Hunt

Family Secrets - New clues for both the Kent and Somerset hunts

Real Life Treasures. Simon outlines the history of the Lost Dutchman Mine which is the subject of Chapter 4 of The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt

World Wide Treasures (2) : Aquaterra - The solution

World Wide Treasures (3) : Crossroads - The third hunt in this series by Gisela Reid

Hay Bluff - Helen, Dave and Pete report on the ascent of high places to recover The Hills are Alive treasure

Cover Photo: The winning team of the September event  on Richmond Green - Matt, Nick, Clive, Deborah, Mark, Martin


Sandra's Review - Bringing us up to date with all the news!

Lost in Richmond – news and pictures from the 2013 club event

ATRIVM - This year's club hunt by Scott Gardner

Family Secrets Somerset - Roger  and Pete's solution

2012 Three Letter Hunt- Winners and solution

Upholdings - Winner and solution of Mikey's  One Word Hunt

Simon's News, Clues & Real Life Treasures

Andy's Puzzle Pages - 10 and 5 prizes to be won

Dream Song – news of an exciting new hunt


Cover Photo: Eastlea Oast House, location of Family Secrets - Kent


Sandra's Festive Review - 25 Amazon voucher to be won!

Atty's Christmas Bauble – A festive clue to the ATRIVM club hunt

Kent Family Secrets Revealed - Pete's solution


Family Secrets; Kent Story - Sandra's official solution

World Wide Treasures(4)  Gone Surfin' Gisela's virtual hunts continue


World Wide Treasures(3) Crossroads - Winner and solution

Simon's News, Clues & Real Life Treasures

Roger's Tea-Time Teasers – Three 5 prizes to be won


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