The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Flight of Fantasy

Flight of Fantasy written by Alan Burton (pictured), became armchair hunt number six. The hunt was serialised over five editions of the newsletter, with the first part being told in issue 23/24 of the newsletter. The final part of the story as told in issue 29, contained the major clues that led the lucky finder to a ceramic casket containing a hallmarked silver statue of the Flight of Fantasy eagle complete with 18 carat gold leg ring. The story told of Edmund Bowyer, a bowmaker who was turned into a bird by a wizard in an attempt to outrun his pursuers. The wizard claims to Edmund that he has inserted the reversal spell on the inside of a gold ring he has clasped around Edmund's foot. The ensuing story is the exploits of Edmund as he bids to set himself free from the wizards spell. The casket containing the eagle was eventually located some months later by Leicester hunters Shaun and Alison Whitehead. The eagle became a prize in Shaun's Questershire mini-hunt in 2001.

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