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Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 - you *MUST* enable images to see this puzzle

Lucky 7 was written by club member Paul Harkin and consists solely of the image above! Click here to see the image at twice the size.

Paul and his long-time collaborator Martin Dennet have been experimenting with minimalist hunts for some time and this semi-pictoral hunt was published on 18 March 2005.

The prize was buried and comprised a 1oz solid gold krugerrand - part of the hoard of gold coins Paul and Martin won in the Galaxy FM Gold Treasure Hunt in 2004.

It was open to all members of the public and Paul anticipated it would be solved within a few days. In fact it probably took a few days longer than he anticipated and was eventually dug up by a memeber of a team form the Geocaching community on 31 March 2004.

Readers can follow the winners discussions here.

Click the image above to reveal the solution.

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