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The Last Fairy

The Last Fairy was written and illustrated by the late Fred Hancock and published as a large 32 page hardback book in 1983 by Fantasy Publications.

The book was in two parts with clues to a buried gold wand in both the UK and USA plus the promise of an extra prize if both were recovered by the same person.

Solution to the UK hunt

Page 1 - the crown in the ravens beak hints at the word: ROYAL.

Page 2 - the wand is pointing at the barrel, therefore the word is TUN.

Page 3 - in the centre of the picture is a BRIDGE.

Page 4 - in the picture is a bucket of the type used in wishing WELLS.

Page 5 - the witch's broom is pointing to the flag on the ship which should have a red cross on it: ACROSS.

This gives the sentence ROYAL TUN BRIDGE WELLS ACROSS. In the centre of Tunbridge Wells is a park with an island. The casket containing the wand was buried at the centre of this island.

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