The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Club Event September 2012


Pictures from the Olney Treasure Hunting Day and Club Meeting organised by Dave and Annika

The Invitation

The Winning Team wearing the Wedding Ring

The Winning Team

Craig recovers the dove

It's time to cut the cake

The Bronze Stag wearing the Wedding Ring

Sandra deep in thought

Eating is even more important than hunting

Dave, Shirley and both Jacquies

Is this the wine shop we were meant to find?

Frank searches the map for clues

Beryl with the second prize

Seen around Olney

Seen around Olney

It's there!! Just by that tree trunk Sadie!

And Roger is already lost....

It's there!! Just by that tree trunk Sadie!

The Cake - now with all its decorations

The Music Round

The Stag and Wedding Ring

The red stone is removed, revealing the missing Wedding Ring


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