The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
2000 Spring Event

The Spring 2000 club meet took place on 7 May 2000 at the Sherlock Holmes public house and restaurant, Northumberland Road, London. Shaun & Alison Whitehead organized this enjoyable day and the photos that follow.

Click the images for larger photos.

 < Members at The Sherlock Holmes, Northumberland Avenue.
Members with Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street. >

 < Club Members puzzling over stage two of the treasure hunt.
Enjoying a celebratory drink after the hunt is solved. >

Thanks to Mike Southgate for the following photos:

 < Marble Arch gates - one of the treasure hunt clues was found here
Another clue was found here >

 < Organizers Shaun and Alison Whitehead with Sherlock
Julie Southgate outside The Sherlock Holmes >

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