Chapter 3


Coin 1

Location :Village Road Sign, Long Sutton

Coin : Hidden in grass at base of sign

Number & Letter: 3 (from word newton) & N (from word newton)

Winner: Linda Crane

The answer to the location riddle can be found by first studying Tallifer's next rendezvous with Isaac Newton. Newton mentions a disaster and states that he was at a village about five miles south west when it happened. The disaster is the losing of the crown jewels in the wash by King John, which took place at Long Sutton. Five miles south west of Long Sutton is the village of Newton. The picture shows Munnin flying into a tunnel with several objects pictured in the hole. These objects (village pump, church and note) are all pictured on the village sign for Long Sutton. The letter and number can be found by using the two identical letters in Newton and what remains (ewto) spells out a number (TWO) to which one must be added, thereby giving us the number 3.

OS Grid Ref 446 223


Coin 2

Location : Colsterworth, River Witham

Coin : Hidden under stile by bridge

Number & Letter: T (from Witham) & 0 (from height number)

Winner: David Bousfield

Tallifer meets Isaac Newton who begins to unravel their location by saying

'Beneath a cemetery lies the bony remains of a murder begun with dexterity.
Four came before her, then Heather herself, followed by three more, resulting
in a matter of great weight'.

This broken down gives the location as SKILLINGTON.

'Beneath a cemetery ( Shown on the map)
lies the bony remains
(SKILLINGTON - which sounds like Skellington)
of a murder (SKILLINGTON)
begun with dexterity. (SKILLINGTON)
Four came before her,
(SKILLINGTON - four letters before ling)
then Heather herself,
(SKILLINGTON - ling is latin for Heather)
followed by three more, (SKILLINGTON - three letters after ling)
resulting in a matter of great weight'.
(SKILLINGTON - ton is a weight)

He then goes on to say

'five miles distand was a place connected with the cultivation of Wild Honeysuckle'

Five miles away can be seen Woodbine (Wild Honeysuckle) Farm (cultivation). By then drawing a line from the cemetery to Woodbine Farm thier location can be found along this line where the water crosses the footpath, on the river witham. The number and letter can be found by 'travelling towards Heather's resting place (Skillington Cemetery) three figures can be found'. Behind the village of North Witham the height number of 109 can be seen, giving it's centre number - 0. Newton then lobbed the apple he had been holding into the stream. It landed according to the text 'slightly nearer the source (beginning) than the mouth (end). The river is the WITHAM, the middle of which is between the letter T and the letter H, nearer the source would therefore give us the letter T.

OS Grid Ref Map 929 213


Coin 3

Location : Great Ponton Church & Grantham

Coin : Hidden below tree in Grantham

Number & Letter: A (from the word America) & 7 (From letters in America)

Winner: Jeffrey Crane

The violinists hiding place can be found by following Tallifer's journey from Newton downstream along the river. Tallifer stops at the point where the river widens, where Great Ponton Church stands. A part of the game 'hangman' can be seen in the violin in the picture, this refers to Gibbet Hill nearby. The church roof is the place where Tallifer finds the fiddle. On Great Ponton church tower is a golden weathervane that is supposed to have been left by a fiddler who left to make his fortune. The letter and number come from the country the fiddler emigrated to which is America, this has 7 letters and begins with the letter A. The coin is found by what Newton says to Tallifer

'The only clue to it's whereabouts was a small tree next to a circle that was
divided internally into fourteen parts, with another part outside'.

Newton also says

'remember Tallifer - man and scroll pointing to one another'

This refers to the statue of Isaac Newton that stands in the main town of Grantham.
He can be seen pointing to a scroll upon which is the divided circle.

OS Grid Ref 925 305


Coin 4

Location : Glentham Church

Coin : Hidden at the base of a large tree just outside wall

Number & Letter: N (from Glen) & 1 (From bakers dozen)

Winner: Paul Greenhalgh

The story clearly concentrates on the Devil and Tallifers battle with it. The text contains eight well known Devil proverbs. However, in each case the word 'Devil' has been replaced with another word. If we write these words out one below the other in the order that they appear, a vertical acrostic of the place name can be seen. Glentham church has a Devil legend attached to it.

'Give a thing, take a thing to wear the glowing gold ring' - G

'The liar can quote scripture for his own ends' - L

' Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the end' - E

'Give the novice his due' - N

' The traitor looks after his own' - T

' Talk of the horror' - H

' Tell the truth and shame the apparition' - A

'Why should the minstrel have all the best tunes' - M


The number comes from the line

'she ended up with more food than seemed logical (Devil's Dozen = 13)
but the difference (1) was worth having

And the letter comes from the text

'In this place, (Glentham) letter from a man (Glen) who gave his last (N) doing battle with the Devil'

OS Grid Ref 004 905


Coin 5

Location :Mile post near Willoughby Hills, Boston

Coin : Hidden behind mile post

Number & Letter: F (from Fen) & 0 (From 0 degrees on map)

Winner: Peter Derlien

All the clues to this location are contained in the note left by Captin Miles Standish, who navigated the 'Mayflower' to America with the Pilgrim Fathers.The main clue to unravelling the puzzle is the line

' before the month is past we shall begin to find the answer to our questions'

The month is MAY from Mayflower. This points us to ships and the words before the ships name. The note left by Miles contains the names of well known ships also. If we use all of of the words before the names of the ships we can get the following sentance

Word - Ship

BEHIND - Mayflower

MILE - Discovery

POST - Resolution

ABOVE - Normandie

TOWER - Speedwell

NEAR - Devastation

BOSTON - Endeavour

The number can be found by the line

'from here, Tallifer could see a number across the nearest orchard'

This suggests that we draw a line from the mile post to the nearest orchard (Orchard Farm)
which intersects through the 0 of the 0 degrees mark on the map.

The letter is found by drawing another line

'through the centre of the sails of the nearest windmill' where Tallifer 'came across a word that gave its first letter' The first word that the line hits is the word Fen thereby giving and F.

OS Grid Ref 353 450


Coin 6

Location : Bardney

Coin : Hidden in grass below a tree

Number & Letter: I (from King's Hill) & 6 (From flower)

Winner: Tim Button

This puzzle is solved by using the picture more than the accompanying text. The whole story revolves around keeping 'time'. The wild flower in the foreground is commonly known as 'Town Hall Clock'. Heckington windmill in the background merely suggests a circular revolving motion, as in a clock face. The picture itself must be converted into a clock face with twelve lines drawn from the centre of the lute outwards. In the riddle there are five objects mentioned that all appear in the picture. Each object falls on one of the clock face lines, thereby pointing to a number. These are as follows


RAVEN at 11 o'clock - 11

SUN at 9 o'clock - 9

FLOWER at 6 o'clock - 6

SWIFT at 9 o'clock - 9

BEE at 5 o'clock - 5

This gives the grid reference of 119 695 which lands on a road junction in Bardney opposite 'Bards' pub.

The letter is visible in the error made by the musical student when he calls out

'The king shall give a miniscule difference'

'The King shall' can be changed by altering a miniscule (a lower case letter) into another to make it read 'The Kings Hill' giving the most miniscule letter of all, I. The number is found by the line

'As he landed, a flower amoungst giant blades of grass gave him a number'

The flower (Moschatel) gives us the number 6.

OS Grid Ref 119 695


Coin 7

Location : The Drake Stones, Anwick

Coin : Hidden in grass under larger of the two stones

Number & Letter: U (from tarot card ) & 1 (From tarot cards)

Winner: Gordon Rootkin

The witch who appears in the story is from the well known 'Byards Leap' folk tale. The painting shows a loosely painted ariel view of the actual site of the leap at Cranwell. The tiny gravel square in the picture (by the longest building) exists. The solution however relies on Tarot.

The first Tarot clues come in the form of the witches 'tools', a brand (sword), a teacup (cup) and a long wodden staff (wand). The minor arcana in the tarot has four suits these are: Swords,Cups,Wands and Pentacles. This was the object drawn in the earth by the witch which later becomes 'the missing ingredient for power' used in the master riddle. The witch tells a story about Byard and clearly mentions several Tarot cards, each of which has a distinct numerical value, these are as follows

Tarot - Value

Magician - 1

Devil - 15

Heirophant - 5

Fool - 0

Chariot - 7

This gives a grid reference of 115 507 which lands on Anwick Church. Outside the church are two large stones called the Drake Stones (where Tallifer meets Munnin in the story), confirmed by this is the Mallard (DRAKE) in the painting.

The letter and number come from the line

'Take strength (tarot value 8) from the hermit (tarot value 9), and the world (tarot value 21) will give you the rest. This gives 8 - 9 = 1. And the value of the world card can be exchanged for the 21st letter in the alphabet, the letter U.

OS Grid Ref 115 507


Coin 8

Location : Bridge over stream, West of Somersby

Coin : Hidden in grass below bridge parapet

Number & Letter: O (from the flowers) & 6 (From the flowers)

Winner: Paul Harkin

Tennyson tells Tallifer

'we are at a church under a lady on top of a park. Can you see the lovely view to the south?'

The lady is LINDSEY taken from the words EAST LINDSEY DISTRICT on the map. Oxcombe church sits just under the word 'Lindsey' and right above the park. Just below that is the symbol for a viewpoint, facing south. This gives Tallifer and Tennyson's location.

From here Tallifer is told to line up two triangulation pillars (grid ref 302 787 and 258 860) with

'the point where the crucifix joins the square upon the church'


'travel half as far again'

as the distance between the furthest teig point and the church to find where the coin lies, at a small bridge over a stream west of Somersby (Tennysons birthplace).

The letter can be found by the names of the flowers that Tennyson is holding, only one letter is repeated in all their names CLOVER, BRYONY, VIOLET. The number is also found from the flowers, each flower has six letters in it's name.

OS Grid Ref 339 727


Lincolnshire Lute Key

Location : Roadside in Uffington

Winner: Tim Button



We now have the following sets of letters and numbers:

3 0 7 1 0 6 1 6


If we re-arrange these letters we can get the word


0 6 1 1 0 7 6 3

This now gives us an eight figure grid reference that lands on a roadside in the village of Uffington. A memorial fountain to Queen Victoria stands here and the key was hidden centrally at the rear of the fountain in the grass.