The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
The Quest of The Grail

The Quest of The Grail was a web-based hunt. The first hunt, in what it is anticipated will be an annual recurring series, was published on 1 May 2004 via the website (now defunct - see here). It was solved on 7 November 2004. Entrants paid £10 via PayPal to receive a series of monthly clues, which in combination with the illustrations from the website, were used to locate the Grail, which was buried at Mynach Falls, Devil's Bridge in Wales.

The full solution can be found on the website.

The Quest of The Grail is a 'profit sharing' scheme, where the first finder of the Grail will receive half the gross subscriptions to date. The organizers can only be contacted via the official website forum or the free Hotmail email address:

IMPORTANT: Although The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club has been in email correspondence with the creators of this hunt (who are not a UK registered company or partnership), they will not provide us with a postal address for correspondence on this hunt, nor with details of an 'honest broker' nor details of how the subscription fund will be audited. Whilst this does not infer any irregularity nor any intent to defraud, tracing the organizers at a future date may be difficult. Anyone who is thinking of paying the entrance fee should bear this in mind.

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