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Lucky 7 - the puzzle & solution

LUCKY 7 - you *MUST* enable images to see this puzzle

Lucky 7 is written by club member Paul Harkin

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The characters have black 'points' between them; the black line leads to the 'point farthest from the sea with the UK' ['C' == 'sea' and is within the letters 'U' and 'K']

This single phrase describes the general location succinctly and a little research reveals the area to be, according to Ordnance Survey, SK 257144; Coton, near Burton-on-Trent.

The Ordnance Survey 1:50 000 Landranger mapping of the exact spot show a 'minor' yellow road bearing 30 degrees, with a small building at a junction of a road crossing east-west. Crossing the road a little to the south is a footpath. The features as shown on the map are represented by the yellow '7', the pink-brown building square and the red dotted footpath.

At this crossroads is a timber signpost, square in cross section and oriented as shown by the black 'point' next to the '7', relative to the road (in yellow). At the foot of the post, on the south east side (indicated by the arrows), lay the treasure.

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