The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Club Event September 2012


The first task was to collect various clues along a circular route through Richmond and Petersham. Start and end point was The Old Ship pub

Church court and St. Mary Magdalene church. A war memorial.

Barbara Hofland's memorial on the church wall held the first clue, "The Son of a Genius".

Parts of the church walls are covered in flint.

This sign was a clue in the description of the route.

The teams had to turn right into an alleyway called The Vineyard Passage here.

Along Vineyard Passage is an old burial ground, which is now a public open space.

The Vineyard Passage.

The left of these two gravestones held another clue.

Old phone box and weeping willow (tree clue)

View along The Vineyard.

The names of three almshouses along this street were the next clues.

This picture was a clue to finding the correct church.

St Elizabeth of Portugal

The teams had to find the country in the name of the church.

Cardigan Mansions

The Vineyard eventually meets Hill Rise which then turns into Richmond Hill, where several clues had to be found, like the date on this building.

A map of Terrace Gardens, one of the gates was another clue.

View down into Terrace Gardens. A quick visit to the fountain was next.

From the fish back to Betty.

The Rosemary in front of rosemary bush.

After a visit to Betty, they had to go back up to the path above.

Back up the stairs and further along Richmond Hill, another clue.

At the top of the hill they reached the famous view across the Thames.

Here there are several boards with lots of information and several clues had to be found on them.

The route goes down the hill now, towards the river.

After crossing the main road, the teams had to find this inscription.

After crossing a field with cattle and a path through hedges they arrived at the little church of St. Peter in Petersham.

George Vancouver is buried here and his grave held two more clues.

A rose next to his grave.

Homer's grave next to Vancouver's.

St. Peter and the gate with keys.

Another clue: the local plant shop and restaurant, popular with the rich folks of London.

If you want to buy a rusty old chair for £400, this is the place to come to.

The old lock-up next to the Fox and Duck pub in Petersham.

More information next to the Lock Up.

One of the former gate houses of Ham House.

A clue in Latin.

The teams passed the gate on the right.

Walking towards the German School's gate.

By the gate they had to turn right.

A clue in the sign.

The route followed the fence of the German School all the way to the river.

.....walk along the fence....

.....cross this bridge....

These three trees had to be identified. They are named Three Sisters, and they are plane trees.

Looking towards Ham House along the towpath. The teams had to walk in the opposite direction, towards Richmond.

Entrance to a small woodland, framed by big horse chestnut trees.

At this bench you had to look up to your left to identify another impressive tree.

This caused a lot of confusion. It is a cedar tree.

The towpath goes along the field with cattle, with a good view of the Star and Garter Home.

Stein's Bavarian beer garden. Item 01 on the menu, Bratwurst from Nuremburg/Nürnberg.

Next big tree to identify is a copper beech.

In the garden of the Gaucho (South American cowboy) is this champion plane tree.

Very impressive.

When they reached this restaurant, they turned away from the river and walked up Water Lane, and the pub is just around the corner from its top end.

Above the door of the pub, another clue.

The clock on the old town hall, which they had to find in the afternoon.

The squirrels on the All Bar One building was the other clue needed in the afternoon.

The squirrels are on the wall of All Bar One.... is this old vine, and the number 1840 was needed to get the secret code.


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