The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
May 2004 Event - Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild, the hunt for the Crystal Jester took place at the Essex market town of Saffron Walden on a very hot Sunday, 16 May 2004.

Members met at the Saffron Hotel on the High Street and after mixing up the teams a bit, clue sheets were issues which took the teams around the town searching for answers to clues. In the afternoon, the teams were able to make a little more sense of the cryptic answers they had found earlier when they were given a special pack of cards which spelled out a message.

The race was on to reach the Jester, who was hiding in the town's hedge maze a short dash from the hotel.

Organizers Nick Ball and Mary devised a fabulous day out which included a Jester to entertain us with card tricks and bendy baloons!

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