The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
2001 Annual Event

The 2001 Annual Event took place in the town of Stony Stratford, near Milton Keynes. The event was organized by Martin Dennett and Deborah Hatton.

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 < Alison Whitehead unlocking the casket that contained the treasure hunt prize. Alison and Shaun Whitehead's team won the day's treasure hunt - the members of their team were: Shirley Haigh and Francis & Martin Reeves
Shirley Haigh holding part of the prize, a beautiful leather bound Ordnance Survey Gazetteer of Great Britain. Alison and Shaun won the book, Shirley took home the treasure casket, the other team members, Francis & Martin Reeves took home the other part of the prize...A beautiful brass compass. >

 < The Annual Club Event cake
This splendid sighting compass was part of the prize >

photograph by Nick Perry  < A good turnout on this sunny day as all the participants are pictured after the event photograph by Nick Perry
Club member Clive Weatherley finds one of the copper tubes containing a star chart hidden throughout the town. >

 < Phil Carvey, a club member, taken when the treasure hunt had finished
Brian, Sandra and John working on the treasure hunt >

 < Martin and Deborah -the hunt setters, plus a painter who held the last clue within his painting
The evening before the hunt... and the party begins! >

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