The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
2001 Spring Event

The 2001 Spring Event took place in the seaside town of Herne Bay in Kent on 6 May 2001. The event was organized and hosted by club Co-ordinator Sandra Young and her husband John.

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photograph by Nick Perry  < Sandra Young, Mike Southgate and his daughter Julie. Julie was the winner of the day's hunt, and Sandra presents her with the beautiful treasure prize. Mike and Julie live in Suffolk. photograph by Nick Perry
photograph by Nick Perry < The treasure statuette, contained a gold half sovereign, and cross pendent, in the statuette's chest. The statuette was part of the prize, entitled "Myth & Legend". >

 < Just some of the attendees of the 2001 Spring Event
Deborah, Martin, Bob, Joe, Shena, and Susan during the day's hunt >

 < Trying to puzzle it out - Lillian, Shirley, Jackie, Jamie, Jack and Jack's wife
Shena and Susan >

^ Malcolm and Colin Brockbank

Some of the places in Herne bay that had to be found for this hunt, as pictured by Nick Perry:

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