The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
A Timeless Moral

A Timeless Moral was the very first Armchair Treasure Hunt Club hunt. It was published in the May 1992 edition of the newsletter, and told the story of Doctor Emmanuel Worsfold and his hobby of clock making. The clues within the story led to the unique one off treasure created by club founder Dan James. The statue of Emmanuel was a phosphor bronze casting, made from a wax original which was destroyed upon removal of the bronze cast. After chasing and platination he was polished and then displayed upon a rosewood base. The base itself is embellished with tiny silver decorations, which were beaten, cut and polished by hand. Emmanuel carries a solid eighteen carat gold miniature bracket clock, carved in wax and again cast as a one off item. The treasure was then sealed and buried about 12'' deep in a glazed ceramic casket. The hunt lasted until the November 1994 issue of the newsletter was published, having been unearthed by club member Paul Harkin at a location in Buckinghamshire.

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