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2001 Gold Sovereign - image courtesy
Fortuna was one of four independent sovereign hunts published in November 2001 and was written by the club's puzzle setter and former bulletin board editor, Ann Hughes.

Set in the West Country, Fortuna tells a tale of Shamus, a Romany tinker who embarks on a three day journey to a fair to buy a companion for Duke, his elderly steed. Along the way Shamus loses a gold sovereign awarded to him by the Lord of the Manor - but exactly where and how he lost the gold if for the reader to work out using clues from Shamus' cousin - a fortune teller.

In early December 2001, the prize gold sovereign was unearthed by Lyn Mann and Harry Hazell from beside a path on meadowlands by the Kent and Avon canal in Devizes, Wiltshire.

Members can follow the discussion of this hunt on our bulletin board.

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