The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Prized Possession

Published in issue 77 of the club newsletter, December 2004, Prized Possession comprised a three-page second World War story and two envelopes containing correspondence between Dot Dory and her husband, Capt. Jonathon Dory, who is posted in war-torn France.

Sandra Young an Ann Hughes wrote the hunt at just two-week's notice when unforseen circumstances prevented the anticipated club hunt from being launched.

SilverwareUnravling the clues in the story and letters will reveal the location of the missing Dory family treasures which include:

Club members Sandra & Roger Lintott solved the Wiltshire half of the hunt on 14 August 2005 when they discovered a token in a World War II pill box located on the edge of Longleat Forest in Wiltshire.

The Kent part of the hunt soon followed for Roger who's mind clearly didn't dedviate from the task in hand. In May 2006, he tied up the final part and sent a friend off to recover a token hidden behind an old milestone on the old A2 at Dunkirk.

Members may review the discussions on this hunt on the club bulletin board.

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