The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Pearl Hunt: The Gold Pearl Hunt

The Gold Pearl Hunt was published in the October 2003 newsletter and written by Brian Souter. The hunt is based in mainland Britain and offers the winner a gold pearl buried in the ground.

This hunt is the master hunt in the series of Pearl Hunts. Each of the associated four regional hunt works independently but every club member who solves a regional hunt may visit the location and dig up a clue to this master hunt.

On 13 March 2004, five months months from publication Deborah Hatton, her two children Will and Ned, Paul Harkin and his wife Sharon and Martin Dennett cracked Anniversary Treasure - and crucially obtained their fourth and final clue in the regional series.

Barely three hours later, by around 2:15 p.m. they had cracked the master puzzle and raced 80 miles to dig up the gold perl buried a good ten inches down in a village green in Dunsop Bridge.

Remarkably Paul, Martin and Deborah were, between them, the first winners of all four of the regional hunts.

The full solution was published in the April 2004 newsletter.

Club members can follow online discussions on this hunt on the club bulletin board.

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