The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
A Journey Through Merrie England

Beginning in the February 2004 newsletter and continuing throughout the year; Deborah Hatton and Martin Dennett devised a six-part riddle.

A Journey Through Merrie England joined a traveller on the byways, lanes and paths of this fair lane experiencing six small parts of his journey. By the end of 2004 members were on tenterhooks awaiting the final installment.

The Christmas issue of the newsletter, containing Part VI, hit doormats on 22 December 2004. A number of members managed to work out the final location, but it was Craig Jones who first made it to the spot in Putley, Herefordshire by 3pm that afternoon.

As a reward for taking the afternoon off work, Craig found a wooden box in the ground containing a glass goblet. Craig also received a special calendar of traditonal customs and events.

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